Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zindgi kuch is tarah hui tanha...
dhoondti rah gayi main khud ko har jagah tanha....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Nothing on earth render happiness less approachable than trying to find it.
Historian Will Durant described how he looked for happiness in knowledge, and found only disillusionment. He then sought happiness in travel, and found weariness;in wealth, and found discord and worry. He looked for happiness in his writing and was only fatigued. One day he saw a woman waiting in a tiny car with a sleeping child in her arms. A man descended from a train and came over and gently kissed the woman and then the baby, very softly so as not to waken him. The family drove off and left Durant with a stunning realization of the real nature of happiness.

He relaxed and discovered that "every normal function of life holds some delight."

courtesy : Reader's Digest

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The only thing constant is Change

Waqt ke phool bhi sookhenge aur bikhar jaayenge....
Waqt ki hawaoon mein jaane kidhar jaayenge....
Jeevan ki tanhaiyon mein mehkenge vo pal
Jo aapke saath guzar jaayenge.....
Waqt ki aanch pe patthar bhi pighal jaate hain
Rah rah ke ashkon mein badal jaate hain....
Umar bhar kaun kise yaad rakhta hai
Waqt ke saath sab badal jaate hain....

Yes, Everything changes and I hate changes.It is difficult for us (atleast for me) to accept changes. Because I cannot accept the truth of transience. So, I suffer many times and then I pain people with my awful behaviour.

It is more than 4 years that I'm away from home. My friends are the closed ones now. But when their behaviours changed I got pained. I could not accept this change. And why so ? I think now I'm mature enough to accept this change or say the change within me. Nothing remains constant.....If it remains constant then it might stagnant. So, let it change for something better....:)

Rang De Basanti

I am so happy that Bollywood is finally making such kind of movies. I loved "Yuva", then "Apaharn". These movies show the bitter reality in the Indian Politics.

And Rang De Basanti has got all the flavours that today's generation can see, enjoy and appreciate. No...I'm not just talking about music, acting or comedy but I am talking about the plot. It has come up with one of the best plot. I am pretty bored with those romantic movies.

The flashback scenes of freedom struggle and the current situation of India are handled with great panache. I was actually able to feel their pain, struggle,anger and most important their devotion and courage. I salute those unforgettable freedom fighters who'd never thought for themselves before sacrificing their lives. We owe alot to them but are we actually paying that debt ?

Most of us don't even think about it. An iitian thinks of getting a pseud job or apping in some american university and then never even thinks that he/she should come back to his country.
I know my seniors who are settled in abroad and earning great bucks there and not even thinking of returning. And today I saw that glimpse of our future attitude when my whole batch was coming back from that movie....I was just listening to their conversation and I could only pity on the Indian girls and their mentality. The topic of whole converstation was which guy looks hot, whose acting is pseud and nothing more !!! Nothing more !!! We are studying in one of the best institute of India and we are supposed to have a high intellectual and this kind of movie doesn't stir anything within these people !!!!??? Are they so insensitive ??? Or they just don't want to think about these problems as 50% of them will move to some world class university in the coming months and then will never even bother to think about these matters.Then why should they waste their time now ?? Let's enjoy , right ?

I'm not saying that everyone should enter into Politics or become an "honest" IAS/IPS office or start killing those corrupt minishters but I just feel that every Indian (atleast every educated Indian) should have this much sensitivity, this much proud and love for their country. If you can not love your own motherland then you don't even understand love and responsibility. If every Indian, no matter what his/her profession is, thinks first about India and just does his/her job properly then India will never need to look for anyone else's help.

The only things needed are the dedication and little bit of courage and nothing more.....! Let;s have confidence in ourselves, in our heritage, in our country. If we can't do much about this country then atleast we can do something ....atleast we can love this country....atleast we can propagate a good feeling among us.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

We are Indians....!!!

India not only symbolizes a great democracy but is also a center of culture,tradition and knowledge.
In Mark Twain words, 'India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most structive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.'

We are surely preogressing in economic terms. We are producing excellent services in IT sector. There are 3.22 Million Indians in America. 38% of Doctors in America are Indians. 12% of Scientists in America are Indians. 36% of NASA employees are Indians. 34% of MICROSOFT employees are Indians.

Now just have a look on the other side,
a newly wedded bride is burnt for dowry in India.
Your caste still matters here....!
Child marriages still take place (despite a law prohibiting child marriage being in existence for 75 years).
A girl gets raped by a police officer in the capital of this country!!!
And the worst thing....female infanticide is still in practice here. Yes, it gives me alot of pain and anger. It is an unbearable thing for every woman in India.....doesn't matter which age group she belongs to. And if this doesn't pain her , doesn't bring tears n anger in her eyes then she is as cold as dead.

Why are we killing innocent little girls ? 10 millions baby girls were disappeared in the past two decades. And many 'lucky' ones were not even got the chance to come to this 'holy land'.
10 million girls killed by not just 'those' people in the villages but by people like you and me who are educated, go to offices, surf the net and can afford everyday luxuries.

What is it that women do that generates such hatred that they are murdered? Is it just because people still practice the self-created illegal practice of dowry? (laws and all have no impacts on it )Is it because women have to survive in a man-made unsafe world where they are raped, killed, abused and hunted at every corner?

Where is our great culture ? Why are we so uncivilized ? We Indians worship Kali, Durga, Laxmi, Sarswati but why a form of that goddess is so brutally killed ? Why is she insulted at every point of her life? Why is this male-dominated world afraid to give her chance of equality ? Why do we expect to become a world power when 50% of the population never find their aim of existence ?

North India’s strong patriarchal values and widely spread practice of Dowry are considered to be the biggest culprits for female infanticide. But possibly these can't be the only reasons why female infanticide is so rampant in India because it’s not just the poor who are killing their daughters.Punjab and Haryana-among the richest and most economically advanced Indian states-have very low ratios of women to men (around 0.86), in contrast to the much poorer state of Kerala, where the ratio is greater than 1.03.

Perhaps it’s just a pure hatred for women that stems from within - Misogyny - that is causing us to murder our women.Even the Vedas prescribe an intense hatred for women, and female children were considered highly undesirable in the nomadic Aryan patriarchal view. Indeed, so deep-rooted was the desire for male children that the Vedas prescribe numerous prayers for male offspring :
Atharva Veda : " Let a female child be born somewhere else; here, let a male child be born."

Can we call ourselves civilized ??? No.....We are nowhere near to it.When will we people discard these nomadic practices and will accept a woman as a human being ? And when will a woman start realizing her own existence.....? When will she come out of the portrait of a sex symbol ?
I think it is high time for Indian women to change their attitude. It is high time to fight against this evil and boycott whatever is wrong and whatever is against her self-esteem. A revolution is needed from us, the Youth,.....beacuse it is our responsiblity.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents ... and only one for birthday presents, you know. So, same here with me.....there is one day for me just like it was yesterday when I turned 22.

I'm obliged to all those people who made my birthday so beautiful....first and the most to my parents.No need to mention that how important they are to me. My whole life and all achievements owe to them.

But yesterday I really found that my presence matters in others' life too. It was fun yesterday. Not everyone is so lucky to have so many nice people around them who care and understand them.

Those bunches of red roses are still fresh. And I hope the fragrance to be fresh always. It conveys so much of love. This was my second best birthday celebrated here. The first one is unmatched ;) So many things had happened yesterday....but I don't think I need to write all those feelings here....I can only feel them....:)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Campus Placements

Campus placements are going on here. People are tensed for the job, further studies and all that sort of things. By the end of this semester most of my friends will finish their graduation and leave for their respective destinations. Then i'll be here alone. In one way I'm living here alone (courtsey to the kind of dept I am in ) so will it really affect me ? It might not affect me....but let's see that in future.

But when I think about my placement in next year then I just wonder or rather get worried if i will be able to make into some good company or not. And where should I go : Job, MBA, ICS. I'm not interested in MBA but can't help being a part of this iim-crowd. I can't do anything for my placement now ....I can just wait for it :(

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Raincoat ............ Simply beautiful

I've recently watched Raincoat and found it a wonderful movie. Ritupurno Ghosh's raincoat is certainly inspired by O Henry's "Gift of Magi" .
I think the way these two people, who are joined by their love and seperated by the painful circumstances, gifted each other is not only unique but also the wisest.But I don't understand what the exact reason is behind hiding their current pathetic situatio.They don't only hind the present condition but make a false image of their financial condition.
Is it the revenge or frustration ? I think it was more on the side of frustration.....
But this love story is really touching.....and it makes my belief stronger that love can survive even in the worst condition.
The songs are worth listening....There is a classical touch in some of the songs ....specially the songs by one of my fav Hariharan....I hope to write more on this movie in future....let me watch it once more :)